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The Ecocide Trial on 30th September 2011 was a resounding success.
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Sentencing of the convicted CEOs took place on 31st March 2012.
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We are developing a web-based Resilient Communities Award where communities of all types and from all countries can put forward and share both their thinking on resilience in their own communities and the practical ways that they are developing resilience. At agreed periods, those communities which have joined in, will vote on all the ideas submitted under different categories and make Awards. 

The Awards are designed to stimulate ways of being resilient and to share ideas and practical applications of resilience with other communities.

We welcome your thoughts and input. Please contact: 
Simon Hamilton or Fiona Hayes

Some links to Resilience thinking, ideas and practical applications:  
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UK Government ideas on Resilience
Learning for Sustainability
Urban Forum
Cotswold District Council
Carnegie Trust UK
Mercy Corps
Young Advisors
Fiery Spirits
Oxfam Nepal
Action Aid Nepal
Map Kibera
Snoqualmie Valley
The Basis Project
International Union for Conservation of Nature
Eldis Communities
Transition Network
Informed Prepared
Think Local Act Personal
Architecture and Design Scotland
Transition Heathrow
Relief Web Bangladesh, Thailand and Indonesia